Identity Service Providers

Some businesses specialise in checking customer identity information for other parties. They provide services to business and government agencies, usually on a fee for service basis. The ID services can be called:

  • identity checking
  • Verification of Identity (VOI)
  • 100 point identity check
  • identity proofing
  • identity screening.

If you are a business that provides this type of service you can apply to be a DVS Identity Service Provider (IDSP). This means you can submit information match requests to the DVS on behalf of other organisations.

IDSPs must apply to a gateway service provider (GSP) to become an authorised DVS user first. When the business has reached an agreement with the GSP, it can then register using the following form:

Approved providers

Please refer to your gateway service provider for a list of approved Australian and New Zealand identity service providers.

Existing users

More information for existing users of the DVS is available on the DVS SharePoint User Portal. Contact DVS Manager to gain access to the portal.