All Australian and state and territory government agencies, and New Zealand government agencies are eligible to use the Document Verification Service (DVS) to strengthen enrolment processes needing evidence of identity.

There are currently 19 Australian and state and territory government agencies that issue documents or other credentials that can be verified through the DVS. Plans are underway to add more agencies.

The DVS is supported by the Australian and state and territory governments as part of the National Identity Security Strategy.

To use the DVS, a government agency will need to assess its competitive neutrality status using the DVS policy on government and private sector charging for DVS, before submitting an application.

When completing the application form, the government agency may need to contact a gateway service provider to discuss options for access.

Completed applications can be sent to the DVS Manager where they will be sent for consideration by the DVS Governance Body. Questions regarding the application process can be directed to the DVS Manager.

DVS video

The following video provides more information about the DVS:

Existing users

More information for existing users of the DVS is available on the DVS SharePoint User Portal. Contact DVS Manager to gain access to the portal.