For many businesses, the Document Verification Service (DVS) is an efficient and secure way to check customer identity information on Australian issued identity documents.

The DVS can save an organisation more than 50% in time and money compared to manual verification methods that require you to handle evidence of identity documents and you may not have to make copies and store personal information.

The DVS protects customer privacy and no personal information is stored by the DVS.

Identity Service Providers

Identity Service Providers (IDSPs) are specialist businesses that carry out identity proofing of individuals for other businesses or government. IDSPs access the DVS via a Gateway Service Provider (GSP), but provide a brokerage service which does not pass individual DVS results back to client. If you wish to access the DVS via an IDSP please contact one of the approved GSPs for more information.
Please note that as an Identity Service Provider Client you don’t need to register as a Business User.

Your DVS connection

Each organisation can tailor its connection with its gateway service provider to suit its evidence of identity processes. An organisation could also choose to have multiple means of capturing and processing identifying information—for example, face-to-face, as well as online, bulk ‘back-office’ or automated processing.

The DVS is designed to assist but not replace existing identity proofing procedures. It also cannot be used as the sole basis for a decision to enrol or not to enrol an individual for goods or services.

If you are unsure if your organisation is operating as a business or government entity, you should read the policy on government and private sector charging for DVS before applying.


The DVS has a volume-based price schedule which is charged to gateway service providers. Users will be billed through their selected provider.

Terms and conditions

Your organisation must meet eligibility criteria contained in the DVS access policy and guidelines to become a DVS business user or ID Service Provider.

Organisations must abide by the DVS terms and conditions of use, which include having an approved reason for using the DVS, client consent, ICT security and other matters. There will be occasional audits of users to ensure requirements are met.

Businesses can use either an Australian or New Zealand Gateway Service Provider.

If eligible, a business must enter into an agreement with one or more gateway service providers—or be its own gateway service provider—before applying as a business user or ID Service Provider. Setting up as a gateway service provider will involve another contract and additional cost. More details can be found within the agreement on the Gateway service provider page.


Businesses must apply to a gateway service provider (GSP) to become an authorised DVS user. When the business has reached an agreement with the GSP, it can register using the appropriate DVS Business User Online Registration Form or hardcopy ID Service Provider Registration Form.

Approved providers

Australian and New Zealand gateway service providers for the DVS are listed below.

Approved Fully operational
NextGen.Net Bright People Technologies Pty Ltd (Trading as 'Cited')
Optus Networks Pty Ltd Edentiti Pty Ltd (now Vix Verify Pty Ltd)
Touch Australia Equifax Pty Limited (formerly Veda Advantage Limited)
 Zip ID Pty Ltd InfoTrack Pty Ltd
  KYC Intelligence Pty Ltd
  Mercury Group of Companies Pty Ltd (Trading as ‘’)
  PharmacyID (formerly the PRM Group Pty Ltd)
  RapidID Pty Ltd
  Scantek Solutions Pty Ltd
  Trulioo Information Services
  Verifi Identity Services

This list will be updated as further businesses are approved.

Existing users

More information for existing users of the DVS is available on the DVS SharePoint User Portal. Contact DVS Manager to gain access to the portal.

DVS video

The following video about the DVS has been developed for businesses: