DVS access

Who can join?

The DVS was built as part of the Council of Australian Government's National Identity Security Strategy. It is available to all Australian government agencies to strengthen their enrolment and other evidence of identity processes.

More recently, Australian governments decided to extend the use of the DVS to private sector organisations. Currently, organisations that have a requirement under Commonwealth law to identify their customers will be eligible to use the service. This will include organisations operating in the financial and telecommunications services sectors under legislation such as:

  • Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 and the Anti-Money Laundering/Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules 2007
  • Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988 and the Financial Transaction Reports Regulations 1990
  • Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, and the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994
  • Retirement Savings Account Act 1997 and the Retirement Savings Accounts Regulations 1997
  • the Credit Reporting Code of Conduct made under the Privacy Act 1988
  • Telecommunications service provider (carriage service providers or mobile virtual network operator under the Telecommunications Act 1997).

Agents contracted by an eligible organisation to perform the whole or part of their customer identification processes will be able to connect to the DVS on their principal's behalf. The agent is called a DVS Gateway Service Provider.

Organisations that have been approved as Gateway Service Providers for the DVS are listed below. This list will be updated as further organisations are approved.

Information about the commercial service offering is available for download below:

    How to join

    Organisations seeking to use the DVS will need to apply to the DVS Advisory Board to become authorised users. Interested organisations should email the Attorney-General's Department at DVS.Manager@ag.gov.au.

    Send completed business user applications to DVS.Manager@ag.gov.au or:

    DVS Manager
    Cyber and Identity Security Branch
    3–5 National Circuit
    BARTON ACT 2600

    Completed applications should include:

    • a signed Business User Application form specifying your nominated Gateway Service Provider. If you wish to be your own GSP, you will also need to complete the Gateway Service Provider Agreement form
    • a copy of your organisation's privacy statement
    • a copy of your organisation's company extract from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission
    • estimated annual transaction figures by document type including any peak dates (Melbourne Cup, Easter etcetera).

    Upon approval of the application, the Attorney-General's Department will invoice you for the $5000 application fee.

    Note: the DVS Advisory Board will only consider complete applications. Any documentation that is missing from your application may delay its consideration and approval. It will take a  minimum of three weeks for the DVS Advisory Board to approve an application.

    Conditions of use

    DVS users must comply with the following terms and conditions.

    Purpose and proposed use of the DVS

    • Use of the DVS is for the sole purpose of matching information provided by someone as evidence of identity.
    • The DVS is designed to assist but not replace existing processes and procedures that result in decisions about identity.
    • The DVS will not be used as the sole basis for a decision to enrol or not enrol an individual for benefits or services.
    • Handling complaints, responding to access to information requests and reviews of decisions of processes involving the DVS is done by the organisation in accordance with its own procedures.

    Client consent

    • Organisations must obtain the consent of clients prior to validating their details. They must advise clients:
      • that the identifying information will be checked with the issuing authority
      • of any legal authority under which the identifying information is being collected.

    ICT Security

    • Organisations must acknowledge the importance of maintaining high levels of data security.
    • Organisations must comply with the ICT Security requirements as prescribed by the DVS Manager.